A clever trick devised by Avalosian alchemists was to create jewelery by using the thoughts of a potential customer to shape a simple transmutation spell. Each person would be presented with a somewhat unique item that seemed to suit their personality. The Seishyl ("Mark (or shape) of the soul") is a piece of jewelery, ornament, or statue that has been shaped by the traits of an individual. Create your Seishyl!

Five Factor

The five factor model of personality (also "big five, FFM") is a commonly used tool in research psychology to understand and interpret human behavior. Personality is analyzed according to openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability (neuroticism).


The FFM is similar to MBTI and they have some overlaps. However, MBTI fails as a scientific tool. For example, results are not stable over time. Additionally, the binary results of each factor do not acceptably capture the fact that these traits fall on a spectrum - a person can be "somewhat" extraverted, and may find themselves labled an "I" or an "E" on different days. The MBTI also attepts to pull the factors together into a single type (ENFP, for example), however analysis of the FFM shows that each factor is more or less independent, and behavior typically varies on a factor-by-factor basis, rather than by type as a whole. Some of the factors in the MBTI seem to overlap as well - meaning that they may be measuring (in part) the same thing.